Handmade Pottery Dalek Coffee Tea Mug with Cover - made to order

Made to order!

This generous sized mug, about 16 oz, is completely hand built in stoneware clay then fired to just over 2200 degrees. Of course, it is completely food safe and dishwasher  safe.

Order your choice of color: red, blue, green, white, yellow, orange, purple or black. New color options include a bride and groom set (white Dalek with gold dots, and a black Dalek with silver dots).  Interior color is black. Because these are hand made, no two are exactly alike.

One of the greatest enemies of the Time Lord in the Doctor Who series, the Daleks are the extraterrestrial race of mutants with no ability to feel pity, compassion or remorse. They view themselves as the supreme race in the universe with a mission of universal domination and extermination of non-Dalek life.

On the bottom of each mug you'll not only find my stamp, but textured gears and screws. Inside each mug, the Dalek catchphrase "exterminate!" is stamped three times. You can opt for "caffienate" if you'd like.

My mug version these cyborg bad guys has a removable cover that not only keeps your beverage warm, but also doubles as a teabag holder, or maybe small cookies or treats. These mugs are perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cider, or even soup.

Please allow 3 weeks for shipping date.
Each of these individually formed mugs takes about three hours from slab of clay to finished two piece work of art. No molds are used, only hand carved clay and rubber stamps I made to get details such as their bubble detail, gear bottom and screws. As a result, each of these mugs will be unique.
Once it has been created, it is allowed to dry for 7-9 days before it is then finely sanded and cleaned.
It is then ready for a bisque firing. This process changes clay to ceramic. Firing is a 24 hour cycle, and when completed, the mug is ready to be glazed.
These mugs are hand painted and, due to their detail, can take over two hours to glaze.
The mug then is ready for another higher temperature firing, followed by an inspection for any glazing flaws.
Now it is ready to be packed for its journey to you.
The kiln must be filled for maximum heat flow, and hence the reason for the time passage. The majority of my work is hand built and, though I work in the studio six full days a week, it can take a week or two to fill one of the kilns. This is why it can take so long to finish one of these special mugs.
I appreciate your patience and will try to keep you posted on its progress.

Handmade Pottery Dalek Coffee Tea Mug with Cover - made to order